In my practice, I turn my personal history and obsession with textiles into the realm of the wondrous and the hybrid. My creative impulse manifests with materials that surrounded me as a child: I grew up in a house full of wool (my mother was born on a sheep farm) and my father worked in textile manufacturing. 

My fantasy is that I accumulate my materials, leave the supply cabinet alone for a year with perhaps just a crack of light, and then when I open the door the materials have spawned, cross-pollinated and metamorphasized. It’s like: who knows what happens when we’re not looking or when we turn off the lights? 

I focus on transforming my materials as if they were alive and aim to evoke the marvels of biological life both aesthetically and metaphorically. I want the forms to be fantastical, delicate, playful, whimsical -- though also potentially ominous. 

Ultimately, adopting natural forms in my work and using materials I love are expressions of reverence, and assertions of beauty and wonder.

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