In the Shadow of My Mother's Veil,  2021-22

In this project I mapped my body with my mother's wedding veil, a family heirloom. The work allowed me to claim this beautiful object for myself -- though through art rather than marriage. I'm also repurposing a storied but forgotten object, giving it a new, different life. This project acknowledges the shadows our family history can place upon us.   

She’s the Only Human Being on the Planet, Gioj De Marco & Carolyn Mason2021

Looped single channel video (duration 5 min 19 sec).
This collaborative video includes documentation footage of me walking through clay, in an attempt to experience grounding in the midst of the pandemic. For more information about this video click here.

Curiosities, Artist Television Access (ATA), San Francisco, CA, 2004

Wearing a lab coat, I organized and reorganized the many objects -- some readymade and some created -- in my installation in ATA's storefront space. Objects were organized by color, size, or texture so that auto buffers were joined with fake fur, for example. 

Pink Frosting, Oakland kitchen, 2004

I frosted a cake in my kitchen, and then continued frosting (on two separate occasions.) I was exploring ordinary behavior going awry. The photograph is an artwork in and of itself and also documents the end results. 

Caterer, All You Can Eat, Pink Mammoth Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2004

I frosted a cake on the refreshment table at a gallery opening and continued to frost the entire table, including the tablecloth.

Dish Soap, Oakland kitchen, 2004

I flooded my kitchen with dish soap and walked through it. I was exploring a common kitchen product gone awry, as well as emphasizing the hot pink color of the dish soap. (It was as if the manufacturer wanted to convey dish washing as fun and glamorous).

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